FourPAC is an Integrator of Industrial  Automation and Control  Systems. 

Four Peaks Automation & Controls

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We Know Process. Many automation providers can build automation packages. Each individual FourPAC engineer has over thirty years of Process experience. Not only can we Automate, but we understand processes such as chemical, mechanical, thermal, and vacuum systems.  Trust your automation needs to the people who have been working with high tech manufacturing processing equipment for our entire careers.

Our specialty is migrating obsolete  control systems such as PC-IO systems, obsolete PLC's, and proprietary systems  built by long gone equipment manufacturers to current, state-of-the-art technology. Do you have an old, Outdated PLC system with modules you can no longer get?   We can provide the solution to end your worries. Our track record is exemplary.

Our Quality speaks for itself. We have taken systems which could not run for a complete shift to running years without failures.

We can also retrofit older equipment which may not already have programmable controls. If you are dealing with older machinery that doesn't "talk" to its neighbor in the production line, we can provide that integration you need.

Have a product that needs low cost control such as touchscreen or other automation? We have a low-cost, high feature touch screen control system for high volume, consumer and industrial products.

Need precise Vacuum or Pressure  control? Our expertise in this area has provided clients with precision they never thought was possible.

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